Remove all egg-related salmonella from your kitchen.
Not only can the egg white and/or yolk be infected (which would cause contamination of any food processed with the affected yolk/white) but the shell often carries even more bacteria. All kinds of other food preparations can be contaminated from the egg shell via human hands. Lodewijckx’s pasteurised eggs are pasteurised both inside and out. The eggs are packed in a sturdy and hygienic box so that all you need to do to protect them is to keep them in the fridge.

Offer your customers more.
Now you can supply products containing eggs served as your customers wish, be it raw, soft or semi-cooked. Create a wide variety of dishes using original egg preparations, such as tartare maison, poached egg, home-made sauces and dressings, etc. You can use egg yolks as emulsifiers and binding agents again, without having to worry about food safety.

Increase food variety for special target groups.
Diversify menus available to the elderly with delicious, authentic and safe preparations made from egg. Create exciting children's food using egg based recipes, with no fear of food infection.

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